Chemical Education Research

University of South Florida

The CER@USF research groups are focused on an array of chemistry education topics that span from general chemistry to upper-level chemistry courses such as biochemistry. Each group utilizes various different assessment and evaluation methods to conduct research in best practices for chemistry education.


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Research Faculty

Interested students are greatly encouraged to contact one or more of the CER research faculty to learn more information about their individual research interests and the CER@USF program

Graduate Degrees in Chemical Education

Admissions Requirements

  1. B.A. or B.S. in Chemistry (or related field)
  2. Minimum GPA of 3.0
  3. Minimum 570 GRE Quantitative and 430 GRE Verbal
  4. Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
  5. TOEFL score (for applicants whose native language is not English)
  6. Optional (highly recommended!): Personal Statement
  7. Optional (highly recommended!): Curriculum Vitae

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