Dr. Jennifer Lewis

Principal Investigator


Current Members


Allison Mercer 

Doctoral Candidate




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Stephanie Feola

Graduate Student



Guizella Rocabado

Graduate Student


Jacob McAlpin

Graduate Student


Former Members

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Dr. Keily Heredia


Dr. Bo Jiang

My current position is “Manager, Model Validation” in the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) department at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). I’m part of a team in charge of validating all the statistical and non-statistical AML models for monitoring millions of transactions at RBC each day to find suspicious money laundering activities.


Dr. Ushiri Kulatunga

I am a chemistry instructor at the University of South Florida. I am mostly focused on teaching and curriculum development of the chemistry for the engineer course and the peer leading program for general chemistry.


Dr. Scott Lewis


Dr. Yujuan Liu



Dr. Sachel VillafaÑe-Garcia

Assistant Professor of Chemistry at California State University, Fullerton

Research interests are in chemical education research, focused on understanding how the chemistry curriculum influences students' learning, interest in science, and preparation for the workforce.


Dr. Xiaoying Xu

I am working as a statistical data analyst at the USF Muma College of Business, Dean’s Office.

I work on data analysis to interpret, summarize, and report results to program directors, leadership, and/or outside agencies using visualization and appropriate software. The primary objective is to work with the university IT team to create reports customized to the college in order to help achieve the college's strategic priorities, especially for student success of undergraduates. The training during my CER degree helps me a lot with how the complicated data can be presented to convey the message to an audience, and to always try for better approaches to achieve the objectives.